Too Skimpy?

January 18th, 2010 - 

Marche Taylor, then 17-year-old high schooler, didn’t plan on spending the end of prom night in handcuffs.

Nope, not for showing up drunk to the dance, but for what she was wearing–or rather, what she wasn’t wearing. Taylor chose to show up at the local Marriot hotel, where the dance was being held, clothed in well, pretty much a strap of ¬†gold criss-crossed fabric over her chest and a seriously short skirt.

The school allowed only one inch of an attendants’ midsection to be shown, and slits in dresses could be no more than three inches above the knee, according to the Madison High School prom 2008 guidelines obtained by

After school officials asked her to go home and change, Taylor apparently threw a fit. Police cuffed the girl and held her in a cop car until she calmed down.

How’s that for a memorable prom to tell your grandchildren about?

We admire and advocate prom dress creativity, but how much is too little? When does a little skin become a lot of exposure? After analyzing our big book of prom dress fashion, we came a to few conclusions…

  • Don’t bare your belly if your dress is short
  • If you can’t bend over without showing the world your thong, it’s not a dress
  • See-through fabric must be scarce and non-revealing of private areas.
  • If you have to pull and tug to keep yourself covered, don’t wear it.
  • Slits should be no higher than mid-thigh.
  • Two-piece dresses should be long; the top should not resemble a bra.

A few examples of what NOT to wear:

Almost okay, but too much tummy.

Is this on backwards?

We see toosh. Do you see toosh, cuz we see toosh.

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